How to read faster, learn more and
become an instrument of change for Christ

This webinar will reveal how you can read more and efficiently to master any subject, making you an expert one subject at a time so that you can serve Christ by serving the church. 

God communicated using the written Word because writing is the most effective way for us to take in follow and understand long arguments. In addition to following arguments, and learning, reading also provides us with rich personal benefits – and even more so with a like-minded group of readers. 

Join us to find out how you can engage in transformational reading and how a community can help you become an instrument of change in your church. 

  • Pacific/Auckland: Feb 21 - 08:30
  • Australia/Sydney: Feb 21 - 06:30
  • America/New York: Feb 20 - 14:30
  • America/Los Angeles: Feb 20 - 11:30
  • Europe/London: Feb 20 - 19:30