Introducing the
Six in Six Reading Academy

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The Academy is Closed!

The Six in Six Reading Academy is now closed. However, the concepts of this membership have been incorporated into the Master New Testament Greek Community Membership. Each month we read a book to help augment our knowledge of biblical Greek, including many of the subjects included here. 

Become a subject matter expert!

The Six in Six Reading Academy is focused on making you a subject matter expert, one subject at a time. Every six months we select a subject and six key books to help you understand that subject. Each month during the course we focus on a new book, and at the end of each month we meet to discuss and review the book on a video call.

Out of a love for Christ

The God who created the world, and revealed Himself, created us in His own image, providing us with the opportunity to discover and understand what has been revealed. This discovery and growth is one way we glorify Him, by embracing the goodness of his creation, the worth of His knowledge and our place as His creatures.

In critical issues

There are a number of key subjects in which the western church is particularly challenged, and which threaten the purity and effectiveness of the local church. By focusing on these areas, you’ll get to know them well and be able to influence others so that the church grows and deepens its love for and dependence on Christ. 

Read Three Books

You can get a solid introduction to a subject by reading three books on it.

In Three Months

One book per month for three months keeps you moving through subjects

In a community

Learn from and contribute to the observations and insights of others


The Six in Six Reading Academy is a new approach to Christian education, designed to make followers of Christ subject matter experts in the most important issues facing the western church today. 

The subjects we will cover are selected for their importance to the beliefs, identity and lives of Christians. 

Subjects under consideration are listed here, but are not necessarily in order.

What do we read?

The titles below represent a sampling of the kind of books we will read in a variety of subjects in the Six in Six Reading Academy. Books are selected on the basis of the contribution they provide to the subject. 

How it works

Each course (i.e. subject) consists of a specially curated selection of six books which cover a subject broadly. Each month we read one book, and at the end of the month, we meet in a discussion call to share insights, learning and discuss concerns and points of disagreement.

To help you prepare for each call, you’ll be offered a worksheet that will provide you with a guide to your learning in the book. 

The best of college, without the stress

Learning is best done in groups. The Six in Six Reading Academy is designed to connect you with others so that you’re able to read, learn and discuss ideas, theology and biblical truth.

Books are selected based on their ability to lead us into truth. This doesn’t mean we will agree with everything in each book, but we will engage with the ideas, assumptions, and arguments together, learn from each other’s insights and grow together. As a community, we value the engagement with ideas and with Scripture so that we are better followers of Christ.

Think of it like a college course, but without the exams, papers, stress and expense.

Your Curator and Guide

Hi! I’m Darryl Burling. 

I have a PhD in Biblical Counseling with a minor in Biblical Spirituality from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. 

I’ve acquired a love of learning, and enjoy digging deep into subjects and then passing what I learn on to others. 

I also love the church and invest myself in people like you so you can serve Christ more effectively. Finally, I also teach biblical Greek at Master New Testament Greek.

It is a joy and privilege for me to help you to grow your service for Christ.